Thursday, August 26, 2010

Minnie Mouse's Dress

I just finished this adorable dress for my 2 y/o daughter who wants to be Minnie Mouse for halloween. After searching for the perfect pattern, I found a tutorial for a pattern-less dress on From An Igloo. Christine has done such a wonderful job in describing the steps and including beautiful pictures, that this dress only took me about 5 hours to cut and sew!

As you can see by her face, she LOVES this dress! I have a feeling this dress will be out on the town before October 31st! <3
The dress bodice front is a beautiful double layer large red and white polka dot with a cotton eyelet lace accent. The bodice back has shirring (yes, I did the shirring myself and you can too!!) and an adorable fake halter tie in a coordinating black mini dot cotton. It actually threads through a small button hole, so no more complaining about the tie on the neck! The skirt is a classic "tube" pattern that is hemed in the coordinating fabric.

For Halloween, I will be adding felt "ears" on barretts and a matching bow, just like Minnie. I will probably also add black leggings or tights if the weather is cool (we will be trick or treating in San Antonio this year and I am not sure of the weather in late October.)

Trick or Treat!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Contest at

A great contest for the 1 MILLIONTH page visitor at! You could win up to $100!!! Plus get some great inspiration for girly/princess hair styles.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Scoop on Child Seats

Joe came home the other night and proceeded to tell me about a car he saw at a stop-light: mom was driving and there were 3 lil' ones in the back. Only mom had on a seat belt!! The kids weren't even in child seats, let alone a seat belt. He said they were turing around and standing in the seat!! I was livind and asked him if he said anything--he didn't. :(

I do not understand why parents continue to put the lives of their children at risk. There are programs out there that will give you a seat if you cannot afford one. Don't use money as an excuse.

So you have a seat and you are using it properly everytime you put your lil' one in it, right? Well, did you know that the new recommendation is that children remain rear-facing until 2. I was so happy to tell our Pediatrician that we had already planned on keeping Miss Abby RF until she out grew the car seat...oh and did I mention that our seat is approved to 45 pounds RF?! That's right...Miss Abby will remain rear-facing until 45 pounds-ish.

And when she does finally turn forward facing, she will stay in a 5-point harness. No is a video that shows why:

**Warning: Grab a Kleenex!**

Car accidents are the number one killer of children. Dont let your lil' one be a statistic--stay RF as long as you can, and always use a 5-point harness!!

Abby's Hair: Branched Pony Tails

This is Abby's first "fancy"'s a branched pony tail.

Step 1: Make a pony at the front to hold her "bangs"--I find it easier to wet her hair and use a little lght gel to help hold it better. Make this pony lay down.

Step 2: Split that pony and make a 2nd row using half of the first pony in each of the second row.
Step 3: Continue for a 3rd row if her head/hair allows, splitting each pony in the previous row. Row 3 would have 3 ponies.
Step 4: Add bows or clippies to dress it up. We left it as is because we used colored bands and Abby tends to pull on the clippies.

That's it!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Solarveil Ring Slings

I am excited to announce that I will be stocking Blue Solarveil Ring Slings in July. I have a limited quantity, so if you are interested, please contact me.

Solarveil is a lightweight fabric that is breathable and facilitates good airflow during those hot summer months. Solarveil dries fast, so it is a perfect choice for a water sling - fresh or chlorinated water.

My ring slings have a fan fold shoulder that fits comfortably over your shoulder cap. This allows the weight of your child to be distributed over your back, and NOT your neck.

Solarveil was discontinued due to high manufacturing costs.