Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Scoop on Child Seats

Joe came home the other night and proceeded to tell me about a car he saw at a stop-light: mom was driving and there were 3 lil' ones in the back. Only mom had on a seat belt!! The kids weren't even in child seats, let alone a seat belt. He said they were turing around and standing in the seat!! I was livind and asked him if he said anything--he didn't. :(

I do not understand why parents continue to put the lives of their children at risk. There are programs out there that will give you a seat if you cannot afford one. Don't use money as an excuse.

So you have a seat and you are using it properly everytime you put your lil' one in it, right? Well, did you know that the new recommendation is that children remain rear-facing until 2. I was so happy to tell our Pediatrician that we had already planned on keeping Miss Abby RF until she out grew the car seat...oh and did I mention that our seat is approved to 45 pounds RF?! That's right...Miss Abby will remain rear-facing until 45 pounds-ish.

And when she does finally turn forward facing, she will stay in a 5-point harness. No booster...here is a video that shows why:

**Warning: Grab a Kleenex!**

Car accidents are the number one killer of children. Dont let your lil' one be a statistic--stay RF as long as you can, and always use a 5-point harness!!

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